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Ebb, a Team Sheeps game, produced during Cleveland Summer Game Jam 2017.

You are the wind in this Kinect game of inconsequential
vignettes, explore various past times, or pasttimes, with the aplomb of
sentient air movement. 

Ebb seeks to define the concept of identity through absence as the player experiences the detritus left by lives lived and the passage of time.

(Mouse control also supported.)


Eagan Rackley, Sylvia Rackley, Steph Frank, Joe O'Rourke, Kelsey Yappel, Brian Crick.

Install instructions

This executable should run on any reasonably modern Windows PC. Mac, Android, and iOS versions may become available at a later date. Simply extract the executable and data folder, and run it on your machine.


Ebb Windows x86.zip 31 MB

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